Devise X Ariff Budiman Photography T-Shirt Collaboration

Hello good people. I’d like to talk about our 2nd collaboration project. We teamed up with a photographer this time. His name is Ariff Budiman. I never knew Budiman personally before. All I know is that he used to skate back in the days (and still does but he is more into mountain biking right now) along with a bunch of early generation of skaters like Pa’din, Joe Ipoh, etc.

I’m a follower of Budiman’s Flickr page. I found Budiman’s sick photo of KL city in his Flickr account and eventually got his permission to use it as our website main page background in 2009. Yes, that was 3 years ago.

Years go by until this photo came out.

I was totally blown away! It is the image of Kuala Lumpur city got struck by lightning captured by Budiman. I’m so in love with the photograph. There is somewhat a connection between Devise with this photo. If you are a fan of Devise and have been following this blog, you should know how much we love lightning bolt and how we relate lightning bolt with our branding. You might have read it here (if you have not please do so).

Our 1st collaboration with Wheel Love skateshop last year also got something to do with the lightning bolt element. We want to have another one and this is it. A breathtaking moment captured by a still camera of Kuala Lumpur city struck by lightning. We decipher the image into words as; “Life is the wind, the rain, the lightning and the thunder in the sky…”. Then we put that phrase on the t-shirt.

Let’s appreciate life. No matter how life turns out for us.

Get yours now.

p/s: This collaboration is limited to only 50 pieces. We have it sold out at our online store. Please check stores that carry our goods. Support them mean support us. Till then, Devise for life!


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